I work with stained glass, original photographic images, and print-making, producing my own work in all media.  I am interested in making connections between photography and glass as both involve capturing and transmitting light in different ways. Consequently there is a degree of cross-over of media in the work I do.

Photographers such as Aaron Siskind and Lewis Baltz have been an inspiration in terms of using photography in unexpected and abstract ways and making references to painting.

My influences for glass range from medieval church windows to the free interpretations of Marc Chagall and Johannes Schreiter. Matisse is often there somewhere. I favour traditional leaded glass using bright modern designs and colours, sometimes using glass paint to illustrate or control the transmission of light. 

I am interested in the different ways an image is broken up and applied to the glass surface through various printmaking methods. The choice of glass has a big influence on the final look and feel of the resulting object-image.

As well as working on my own series of work for exhibition, I enjoy working with different clients on commissions ranging from small copper foil (Tiffany-style) panels to large windows for public buildings. Past and current commissions have included several windows for the college where I taught, domestic front door panels, fan-light panels and a pub window.

I am currently working collaboratively with artist James Dodds on a major window for a new church annexe in Essex.

Design for St Marys Wivenhoe by James Dodds, 2021