Petri dishes and polymers

Klari Reis - petri dish paintings - transcending the medium?

The question is, where does resin sit in the hierarchy of materials? This work transcends the humble nature of plastic and combines dramatic colours with shiny shapes on the end of metal sticks to conjour up a swirly world of happy life science. Nice.

Welcome 2013

2012 was a watershed year in many ways. The wettest on record and the most action-packed for the UK of all time. Also the year I set up The Railway Studio in Wivenhoe, which I hope will be established during this coming year as a centre for learning about and making beautiful objects in glass.

Life has many layers which we can connect if we want to look and understand what we see.

From earth to heaven – via The Eiffel Tower

Recently on a college trip to Paris Photo, we travelled up to the clouds and back down again in the awesome iron tower made in 1889…even in the November mist the rugged fragility of the structure was impressive but the vertiginous angles which inspired the Cubists and Futurists weren’t quite visible from the top.

Feet on the earth, head in the clouds