Gestures by Andy Brooke

"Gestures" by Andy Brooke, 48 photograms, 2010

Shadows, imprints, traces, echoes, analogues, impressions, tracings – photograms…only possible using traditional light-sensitive emulsion made permanent with chemicals.

Strasbourg has a fine Cathedral


The west window from inside


The glass in the cathedral is virtually all original medieval glass, and made from a lighter tone of stained colour than usual, to allow more light into the building. Another unique feature of this building is the foundation of petrified oak trunks which supports the structure very well on fairly wet land. The pink sandstone of the building has an ethereal glow in the evening light…well worth a visit.

The majestic west front of the cathedral at Strasbourg

Sir Bob opens Colchester24 show at firstsite

Sir Bob Russell scans the images

Last Friday Sir Bob Russell MP offically opened the first exhibition of Colchester24 at firstsite. He featured in one of the 109 photos on the wall as he had also featured in a similar project 25 years ago, documenting the town in 1986. He was Mayor at the time.

As one of the project organisers I’d like to thank everyone who took part in making this such a successful community event. Watch out for future exhibitions around Colchester.